Things to know about the Permit from the TABC

By | January 9, 2017

The Texas Alcohol Bureau Commission is a name very important to you if you own or work at an establishment that sells alcohol. You need to obtain a TABC permit in order to be able to legally sell beer anywhere in the state, whether you are a gas station clerk or working at the Cowboys game.

There are steps involved with obtaining this permit. It is beneficial to begin considering obtaining the permit well ahead of the time that you plan to use it because in some cases, it can take as long as six months to gain approval for the permit.

Keep in mind there are fees that you must pay to obtain the permit and this occurs only after you have obtained special certification. Again, there are fees you are required to pay for this service as well. You are responsible to pay all of these fees. Once a permit is obtained, it is good for the period of one year duration.

Now that you are aware of the fact the permit is needed and very important when selling alcoholic beverages, you are also probably also wondering what happens if you sell alcohol without the proper permit.

As you might expect, selling alcohol without a license is a crime throughout Texas and if you are caught selling without the license, your establishment may be banned from serving or selling alcohol while also facing excessive fines. It is likely to hurt your future ability to obtain the permit should you desire, and of course the risk of facing criminal charges lurk around you too.

Getting the permit to sell alcohol from the TABC is essential if you plan to sell beer. The TABC works to reduce accidents involving alcohol, teen drinking, and more, and take this matter very seriously.