How even you can benefit from a medical or clinical journal

By | January 9, 2017

Just because it has been labeled as such, does not mean that it is only going to be your general practitioner, psychiatrist, clinical psychologist, dental or heart surgeon or even your local nutritionist or veterinary practitioner that is going to be using medical or clinical journals. Maybe some of you have perceived this before, but there are medical practitioners who are self-righteously or sub-consciously predisposed to the God complex.

This means that during their consultations with you, they are not always going to disclose additional medical or clinical information that should better inform you on how your medical condition should be managed. In explaining this sentiment, we can easily use the example of dentistry. Quite literally, this medical specialization is a broad church. On the one end of the medical universe, there will be the case of addressing immediate concerns such as filling gaps and dealing with infections.

On the other end, there will be much whitening and brightening dealing too much with cosmetics rather than addressing immediate hygienic concerns. All while dental technologists and accredited surgeons have resources such as the Journal of Clinical Dentistry readily at their disposal. Make a note in your own personal journal that while some doctors will not be disclosing every shred of information gathered, you can visit the Journal yourself.

It is online, as it needs to be, so the door is open for you to utilize it for your personal benefit and the improvement and maintenance of your health. You will make new discoveries into why dental hygiene and oral health cannot be overlooked. An impediment or infraction in that area, you will learn, can negatively impact another area of your body.