3 Ways to Use Herbs in Remedies

By | January 9, 2017

When they feel ill or have chronic conditions, some people turn to natural remedies instead of using prescription medications to help treat themselves. Some medications have side effects they may not be able to handle or contain chemicals they don’t want in their bodies, so they choose natural remedies. Herbs are used in homeopathic remedies as teas, extracts and oils.

Homeopathic Teas

Dried herbs are used in combination to formulate teas to help with many common problems. Teas used as herbal homeopathic remedies can ward off cold symptoms, provide relaxation to get a better night’s sleep, sooth stomach problems and rid the body of toxins. The label on the tea will describe the ailments it can help with and which herbs are used to make the tea.

Herbal Extracts

Herbal extracts are liquids made from pulling or washing the chemical components of the herb’s fibers with solutions of either water and alcohol or water and glycerin. Extracts may be made from one herb or by using a combination of herbs as treatments for various ailments, depending on which herbs are used to create the formulas. They form the basis of tinctures, which are taken orally by squeezing drops of it onto the tongue and swallowing them.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are concentrated liquids distilled to remove the water from plants and contain their fragrances and chemical compounds. While essential oils can be bought in most health food stores, they can also be made at home. The oils are primarily used in aromatherapy or they can be used as massage oils so they seep into the body to help treat and/or detox the body.

Whether used for teas, as extracts or essential oils, herbs have many health benefits and can be used to prevent, and treat, many ailments instead of using over-the-counter or prescription medications.